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‘Writing tips for full time parents by a full time mum…’ – Guest Post by Author Mercedes Prunty

Like many mums out there I had a dream, my dream has always been to write books and see my name in print. I didn’t really go for it when I was younger, more because I was busy studying, partying with friends, reading, playing the Sims amongst other video games, learning to drive and living life. I was young, I didn’t think trying to aim for my dream goal back then was the thing to do, I wouldn’t have been seen as cool. Now I look back and wish I had started writing when I was younger because although I worked full time and was studying alongside it, I had energy… And lots of it. I could pull nearly all-nighters playing video games or chatting to friends and then vanish to work in the morning. If I had concentrated then using my time wisely instead of for fun I could have written more and given the chance again I would have studied English and Creative writing instead of Hairdressing like I opted for but back then to me being pretty and having friends was the main life goal.

Then I met my husband and had my children, the most perfect things to ever happen in my life and all I wanted for them was the best. Whilst on maternity leave my husband told me to try it, to write and see what happens, “What have you got to lose?” He would tell me and I began to write but I didn’t amount it to much due to low self-esteem but after leaving my job at the hairdressers when there was not enough work to go round for all the stylists (The lovely thing called the Recession) I took the plunge and Self-Published my first book Via Createspace with Amazon. Now I’m not going to say, “Hey I’m a best seller, I earn thousands”. Because that’s not true, I don’t. In fact at the moment I’m lucky to make back the money I spend buying my books to sell but whilst one day I would like it to be the thing that makes my family comfortable I am doing it to keep me sane, the characters just don’t shhh it sometimes. At the moment I am trying hard to build up my author platform, gain solid readership and promote my work like there is no tomorrow.

The main thing I have learned during my writing journey is… It takes time and patience really is a virtue…

So here are my tips for any mummies (Or daddies) who wish to write but think they can’t for whatever reason;

* Just write – Good or bad, any writing is better than none. Keep all ideas because they may become useful in the future.

* Write if and when you can – A lot of people will tell you to write every day but when you have small children and a home to run that is not always possible. I try to write at least once or twice a week. It might take longer for that manuscript to fully appear but when it does it is worth all the hours (here and there) you put in.

* Read – Might seem obvious but to write you need to read. Not only does it help broaden your imagination by seeing other author’s worlds but it can also help broaden your vocabulary.

* Don’t be disheartened if family and friends don’t seem interested – I found this out the hard way, people just don’t care about your writing like you do. Best thing to do is reach out via local author / writers groups or via social media groups and blogs to connect with other people who love writing and reading as much as you.

* Don’t feel bad to take time out with your family – and relax a little, watch a film or go for a day out. To me they come first and writing comes seconds. When my kids are at school or nursery is when I try to write as much as I can, when they are home, (Other than the odd time) I try to make time at home with them. (Unless daddy says he will watch them for a while so I can put half an hour in).

* Never give up – Writing will come to you when it’s ready, don’t force it and if things don’t seem to be moving on how you hoped never give up. Even when that book is published and it doesn’t feel likes things are moving on just keep going. It all takes time.



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Mercedes Prunty is a mother, wife, author and blogger from the UK. She loves spending time with her family and friends as well as all her imaginary ones that end up in her stories. So far she has self-published 4 books and hopes to write many more. Her main genres are Fantasy and Horror but she likes to read a whole mixture of books.


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