Why I Started Blogging!

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Hello friends!

So today I thought I would talk about why I started blogging. Many bloggers have written about why they started a blog and a lot of the reasons are relatively similar! However, it’s always nice to learn why someone has decided to take that step into the blogasphere and put their opinions out there, so here is mine!

Back to When it all Began…

I started blogging seriously in March this year, so my blogging journey is still very new. However, I have already learnt so much and can’t wait to start sharing this new knowledge with all the people with want to start a blog but haven’t yet. ย My blog currently is purely a hobby but of course I would love it to be more. I’m still growing my social media presence and I’m not making any money from it, but I love it! Which leads me to my first reason I started blogging…

The first reason I started blogging was because I had always been interested in it and I love writing and expressing myself! As an English student it was the perfect hobby to have fun and improve my writing skills at the same time! Along with this I really wanted to share my interests and passions and if I help someone else along the way, bonus! If you read my blog regularly you know that I blog about beauty, fashion, literature and more! As I mentioned, I currently don’t earn money from my blog as this was never a prominent reason for starting a blog, but I would love to have a bit of extra cash!

I have branched out into monetising my blog, mainly through affiliates but I think I need to work on growing my audience first. A really good affiliate programme I like using is Awin. Awin has loads of companies such as Miss Selfridge, Waterstones, Holland and Barrett and more! There really is something for everyone, no matter the blog subject. If you are looking to monetise your blog, I highly recommend checking them out! ShareASale is another great programme, easy to use and an array of companies!

Meeting New People…

Another reason I wanted to become a blogger was to meet like-minded people and form blogging relationships. I love working with people and am always open to guest bloggers as I love seeing and reading other peoples thoughts and ideas. As well as interacting with people who share my passions and interests, I also enjoy discussing more personal struggles in the hope that it may help someone going through something similar. Sharing your own struggles gives people the opportunity to open up about theirs too. I’ve already met some great bloggers and it’s always nice to have someone you can turn to ask a question or get some support from. In terms of this I would certainly recommend joining ย some Facebook groups. They are a perfect place to meet like-minded bloggers, learning something new, get exposure and ask questions.

When I first started blogging I knew hardly anything. I was determind to take it seriously so took the jump with a self hosted blog and lets just say it was a steep learning curve! This is where the Facebook groups really helped as you can ask questions and feel supported. As well as this reading other peoples blogs, both within and out of your own niche, really helped me!

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I have many hopes and dreams for my blog from simply growing my email list, to earning my first money from blogging! I see it all as exciting and the possibilities are endless! For now I just want to focus on great content and building my views and subscribers. I have learnt so much already and am really enjoying the journey!

If you blog, let me know your reasons for starting your blog and if you have any new blogger tips, leave them below!

Peace & Love โœŒ๏ธ

Lucy xxx