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What I Didn’t Think I’d Be Doing at 22

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Hello friends!

So recently I’ve been reflecting on certain habits, activities and such that I have been doing as a twenty-two-year-old woman. Some of them you probably wouldn’t associate with young, carefree woman! Not that I don’t secretly enjoy some of them!

 What’s Normal Anyway?!

So in this post, I thought I would share with you some things I’ve been getting up to that perhaps your average 22-year-old might not be. I wanted to write this post to highlight that it’s okay to be yourself, and do what makes you happy! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

So in the words of Taylor Swift, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!

So one thing I’ve been doing recently, mainly for the benefit of my work at uni, is listening to Classic FM! Granted, you definitely have to be in the mood for it, but I’ve found if I’m reading, or writing an essay and I don’t want complete silence, it can be very zen. As well as this in the library listening to opera and dramatic, classical music can make you feel incredibly intellectual haha.

The library is one of my favourite places. Obviously, it’s not a great place when I’m sat in there stressing for the sixth hour straight whilst trying desperately to finish an essay I’ve been slaving over for five weeks. True story.

Library For Life!

That said, I do love my uni library. It has 5 floors: ground floor, the quiet floor, the group floor and the silent floor. This means you can pick the working conditions that suit you. Along with ample work space and, of course, books, the library is a great place to work. I also find I get more work done in the library than if I’m at home. This is probably because I’m more inclined to put Netflix on at home, whoops.

Another thing I enjoy, which apparently many other young people don’t appreciate, is my bed, and sleep. Yes of course as students sleeping in and napping in the afternoon is all standard. However, along with that is ‘supposed to be’ the late nights, the clubbing till four AM and the alcohol. However much I like alcohol, and trust me, I do, clubbing has just never been my favourite pastime.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some great nights out in clubs, but most of the time I prefer a pub, good company, good conversation and good drinks!


So I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post on what I like to get up to! Please leave a comment if there are anything things you do that are not maybe ‘typical’ of your age group/gender/etc but that you also dont care it isn’t, because you enjoy it, and that’s enough!

Talk soon!

Lucy xxx

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