The University Library & its Wisdom…

The university library is a magical place. It’s a place you’ll become very well acquainted with throughout your uni years. Its a place you’ll laugh with your friends and a place you’ll cry by yourself over the half finished essay in for two o’clock that day.

As well as a place that has a whole lotta learning taking place in it, it also has some pearls of wisdom to share of its own…

  1. We all have thoseย coveted spaces that, like the habitual creature you are, you crave. However, learn to let go. A major lesson you will learn at uni is live and let live. The desk you have deemed ‘your space’ will just never look right with someone else sat at it and that table that has just the right amount of space will always make you sigh when there’s other people there, BUT…let it go, move on and adapt. You’ll find a new favourite spot.
  2. Always be prepared. In particular, bring food and LOTS of food to your study sessions. Yes you can always nip out and grab a coffee and your fifth chocolate bar of the day, but its so much easier if you do this before hand, no breaking your work flow, just study and munch away.
  3. Allow time for browsing for books. And then add another twenty minutes. This goes for many things in life, if your just about to leave the library and think, ‘ooh I’ll just have a quick look for some books on this subject on my way out’, trust me, it won’t be a quick look. You’ll get absorbed searching the hundreds of books they have on that subject looking for the specific thing you’re looking for. And then before youย know it, you’re running late with an armful of books and you still have to check them out yet! *face palm*
  4. The bonds forged over hardship are the strongest. When you make eye contact with your fellow student who is also still in the quiet zone of the library at 3am you know you share each other’s pain.
  5. And finally, remember to smile and find the good. Whether that’s through pain and hardship or when you’re genuinely having a good time. I’ve had some real laughs with good friends in my library and you know what, it’s one of the places I’ll miss about uni, its underrated, its special, its the heartbeat of every university. Yeah, guess who’s the English student.

What do you love about your local library? Are you a hater of ‘those people’ in libraries? Have you learnt anything from your library?

Peace & Love

Lucy xxx