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Sensational SensatioNail Home Gel Nails

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Hello Friends!

Today I want to bring you something really exciting and something that I’ve been absolutely LOVING recently. It all started with a trip to get my nails done which went disastrously wrong. It ended in two hours in a salon, my cuticle bleeding and my fingers sore. From then on I decided to invest in my own kit and start doing my own nails!

Where to Start? SENSATIONAIL!

There are many different companies out their of course that offer home gel nail kits. I wanted something of good quality and that I could get a salon looking finish for not an extravagant amount of money. Of course I hit google and did a little research into which companies had good reviews and a were a decent price. I did a little looking around and finally decided on SensatioNail! initially attracting me to SensatioNail was the multiple good reviews and the price, £50 for one of their starter kits. This includes everything you need to get started including the lamp, base/top coat, gel primer and gel cleanser and more.


The nail polishes themselves are pricey at £12.50, but are the average price for a gelnail colour. However, they have deals on the website too, for example if you buy 12 you get them for the price of 8. They also sell their own removal kits and little extras, all for reasonable prices.

Even on my first attempt I managed to achieve a salon quality finish. Granted, it took me a while, but I wanted to take my time over it and make sure I didn’t miss a step. I have changed my colour a few times and it gets quicker each time as you learn the steps and get better. I did my nails the first time to go on holiday with in the colour ‘Coral Sunset’. This gel is a beautiful coral, salmon gloss colour, seen here on my mum!


Mine withstood sun, pool water and the heat! The colour did fade a little but that is only to be expected from the suncream and bug spray ingredients! Since then I have also worn my nude colour, ‘Vanilla Chai’, which is, for me, the perfect neutral beige gloss. This colour is perfect for that classy, beautiful look when you don’t fancy a bright colour. I also have a scarlet red which I’m wearing at the moment!

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This my current collection including my three colours, all my essentials and the removal foil wraps and not pictured, the remover liquid. In some cases people may complain the lamp is too small, but I haven’t had any major problems with it.

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What About Removal?

As I mentioned, they do sell their own remover, as well as remover tool and foil wraps. I recently bought the removal kit and have been using the remover in conjunction with the tool. It certainly does what it says and makes a good job of removing the polish. The removal is a bit of an ordeal, having to sit in foils for twenty minutes is not ideal, however it’s a small compromise for beautiful nails! You may be able to get similar products elsewhere for cheaper, but I havent bothered as of yet.

SensatioNail also offers other brilliant products such as Express Gel, which is a quicker, 5 minute application for a 10 day, rather than two-week manicure. Also ‘Polish to Gel’ products where you can turn your own polishes into gel polishes! They do a starter kit for this too, and then you can also buy the transformer on its own. Click below to check this amazing product out!


Overall, I have found SensatioNail to be a brilliant company for home Gelnails. They look professional, they last and it is easy to do. As well as this they have over a hundred stunning colours, from gloss to shimmer and glitter. They are reasonable in price for someone who enjoys having nice nails and will use it. I would thoroughly recommend SensatioNail to anyone who is debating buying a home Gelnail kit, whether it be due to bad experiences or just not being able to get to a salon. SensatioNail also offer free postage and packing on orders over £30, which is nice not too have an extra charge on top!

You can order the full range online, however if you are in the UK you can get selected products in Boots, Tesco and Amazon!

Let me know if you’ve used any SensatioNail products and if so what and how you got on!

Peace & love

Lucy xxx