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Review: Grammarly – Grammar & Plagiarism Checker

Hello Friends!

Today I’m bringing you something a little different, my review of Grammarly!

 What is Grammarly and why do I Need it?

Grammarly is a fantastic grammar, plagiarism and proof-reading service. As a student, this is a LIFESAVER. Writing numerous essays for uni, I have discovered I get the same feedback across most of my modules. Most of my modules tell me if I improved on my Grammar, wordiness, and clarity I could move my marks up significantly. Easier said than done right?

However, that’s when I came across Grammarly. To be completely honest I was as skeptical as the next person at first, but once you try it, you slowly realise how great it is.

At it’s simplest, you can import chunks of text, whole essay’s if you want, into Grammarly and it will highlight your grammar mistakes, as well as odd word pairings and wordiness! However, there is MUCH more than this…

Grammarly will also check your work for plagiarism, and you can have someone proof-read your work!

Essays, Résumés, Social Media, Email and More…

One of the best things about Grammarly is the free extension for Safari and PC. This allows you to check for errors in a multitude of places without having to type it in somewhere else and then copy and paste. Think email, social media, blog posts, the list goes on. As well as this they have an app to download, so you don’t have to go onto the internet to access it. Brilliant right?

I have used Grammarly on my most recent essay, and it’s perfect for pointing out silly little mistakes as well as big problems I need to solve. I will also have used Grammarly to correct this post! In my opinion, Grammarly is a product that nearly everyone would benefit from, from students to professionals, social media tycoon to a retail worker. Good grammar should be universal, no matter your job.

Okay, So How Much?

So now we get to the bit no one likes to talk about, how much is this going to cost me? Well, first all you can use Grammarly free, however as you would expect, upgrading to premium unlocks a LOT more features. I have screen shot the essential differences below; there is a more detailed description of what you will get with Premium on the page also, so go check that out!

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There are a fair few differences; the free version is basically so that you can try out the very basic concept of Grammarly to see if you think it would be of value to you. Premium has three payment options. As it is a bit tricky to find, I have also screen shot that for you!

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Clearly, the best option is annual. However, it does seem a lot of money all in one go, especially if you are a poor student like me. However, you have to way up the price with the benefits and rewards. If it helps me improve my grades, it’s probably worth it! If you are in a job that involves writing daily emails and letters, it’s most certainly worth it! Grammar is a big part of the English language that many people misuse, give yourself a bit of help!

Is it Worth it?

In my opinion Grammarly is definitely worth the money. It’s smart, fast and easy to use. Trust me, you’ll never realise how many mistakes you’ve made until you try it.

Let me know if you are currently using Grammarly and what you think of it! And if you aren’t, it’s certainly worth checking out if you need a little help with grammar and proof-reading!

Peace & Love ✌️

Lucy xxx

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