Review: Evelyn Waugh’s A Handful of Dust

Hello friends!

This is my first book review on this site and the lucky book is Evelyn Waugh’s 1930’s novel A Handful of Dust.

Like many of the books I read at the moment, this one was on my reading list for uni which is not always good for the book, as it means sometimes I have to rush it and thus not thoroughly enjoy it. However, I really enjoyed THIS book!

It tells the tale of an affair between a married woman and a social parasitic mummy’s boy that doesn’t end well for either party. Although if you stand back from this novel it does seem all doom and gloom, it is a level of disillusionment that is laughable at times.

A Handful of Dust is nicely compact novel which is easy to get through and not overly taxing on the brain. It’s an interesting take on genteel, middle class society, post war, complete with their money and very little else! If you like satirical novels, you’ll certain like A Handful of Dust, it mixes tragedy and comedy excellently and the ending is successfully satisfying.

If you are interested in reading A Handful of Dust you can find it on Amazon here

If you’ve read A Handful of Dust, leave a comment and tell me what you liked/loved/hated about it!

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Lucy xx