Life Update: Back in Briz

Hello friends!

I know, I know, it’s been awhile. Yeah, about that…

So basically four weeks ago I embarked on my last year at uni (SCARY OR WHAT?!) and that is why I have been unfortunately neglecting my blog a little. However, I am finally settling back into a warped kind of schedule and am desperate to get back to blogging!

What am I up too?

So for this first post back, I thought I would just update you on my recent activities and the like! As you may or may not know I am at uni and as this is my last year I am currently planning my dissertation! It’s an incredibly daunting concept and one that has kept me crazy busy from day one as well as trying to keep up with my other modules!

Alongside my dissertation I am taking three modules, Children’s Literature, Gothic Literature and Fiction in Britain since 1970 which I am really enjoying too! They are pretty diverse and certainly keep me on my toes.

I am also now looking forward to life after uni, which is both a scary and exciting concept. I am undecided what I want to do, whether that be a postgraduate course or something like a graduate scheme. However, I am determined to embrace whatever challenges come my way in whatever I decide to do!

I went to a poetry evening a couple of weeks ago and it reignited a lost love of expression through words. Last year we spent so much time studying classic poetry on my Romanticism module that I forgot that poetry can be modern. I laughed and almost cried that evening and it really inspired me to get back into putting my pain down on paper. I am looking forward to trying this out over the next few months and perhaps I will let you guys read some!

Blogging Plans…

I am currently compiling a list of blog posts I want to write and am trying to dedicate time to do this within my hectic schedule! There’s so much I want this blog to be and I am excited to (try!) and get it there!

In the meantime, please comment on any topics you would like me to discuss, and I thoroughly welcome constructive criticism about my blog in general!

Speak soon!

Lucy xxx


New LUSH Jelly Face Mask Review

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Hello friends!

Today I’m bringing you my review of LUSH’s new jelly face masks!

First of all, how about a little LUSH back story…

So LUSH started back in 1995 and are now one of the leading cosmetic companies out there! They pride themselves on the fact that they do not test on animals or buy from suppliers which test on animals, making them a popular choice. They use a multitude of fresh, natural ingredients to make beautiful products for both face and body.

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For When it all Get’s a Bit too Much…

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Hello Friends!

So today I thought I would share my personal tips on how to cope with those overwhelming or stressful days. We all have them, those days when we want to do anything but face the world. When we would much rather shut the door and be by ourselves than have to deal with, other people’s, as well as our own problems. However, we don’t always have that choice, whether it’s our job or we just have errands to run. As a retail worker, you can be shown the best and worst of people. Some people clearly just want an argument, whereas some as so easy and lovely!

Whatever the day has consisted of, when we come home we sometimes just want to take a little time to ourselves. For me this particularly comes with my anxiety, I need time by myself to recharge and just chill out. Therefore, I have rounded up some top tips as well as some favourite products that help me relax and recharge after a stressful day!

The Scent of Home

First of all, I love a good comforting scent. Whether that’s a scented candle, diffuser,  incense or plug in air freshener, I just really like having a nice smelling room to come back to. It creates a calming atmosphere and if you use the same one a lot, you come to associate that scent with safety and home. If you do struggle with stress or anxiety try choosing relaxing, mentally restorative scents such as lemon, lavender or jasmine.

I am currently loving this reed diffuser by Dí Palomo, which is White Grape with Aloe. The combination of these two scents creates a lovely, soothing, fresh smell that really brightens a room. It’s a light scent which means it’s not overpowering or invasive, but still makes an impact on a room. They also do other products with both the same and different scents! So certainly check them out!


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Why I Started Blogging!

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Hello friends!

So today I thought I would talk about why I started blogging. Many bloggers have written about why they started a blog and a lot of the reasons are relatively similar! However, it’s always nice to learn why someone has decided to take that step into the blogasphere and put their opinions out there, so here is mine!

Back to When it all Began…

I started blogging seriously in March this year, so my blogging journey is still very new. However, I have already learnt so much and can’t wait to start sharing this new knowledge with all the people with want to start a blog but haven’t yet.  My blog currently is purely a hobby but of course I would love it to be more. I’m still growing my social media presence and I’m not making any money from it, but I love it! Which leads me to my first reason I started blogging…

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Guest Post's, Literature

‘Writing tips for full time parents by a full time mum…’ – Guest Post by Author Mercedes Prunty

Like many mums out there I had a dream, my dream has always been to write books and see my name in print. I didn’t really go for it when I was younger, more because I was busy studying, partying with friends, reading, playing the Sims amongst other video games, learning to drive and living life. I was young, I didn’t think trying to aim for my dream goal back then was the thing to do, I wouldn’t have been seen as cool. Now I look back and wish I had started writing when I was younger because although I worked full time and was studying alongside it, I had energy… And lots of it. I could pull nearly all-nighters playing video games or chatting to friends and then vanish to work in the morning. If I had concentrated then using my time wisely instead of for fun I could have written more and given the chance again I would have studied English and Creative writing instead of Hairdressing like I opted for but back then to me being pretty and having friends was the main life goal.

Then I met my husband and had my children, the most perfect things to ever happen in my life and all I wanted for them was the best. Whilst on maternity leave my husband told me to try it, to write and see what happens, “What have you got to lose?” He would tell me and I began to write but I didn’t amount it to much due to low self-esteem but after leaving my job at the hairdressers when there was not enough work to go round for all the stylists (The lovely thing called the Recession) I took the plunge and Self-Published my first book Via Createspace with Amazon. Now I’m not going to say, “Hey I’m a best seller, I earn thousands”. Because that’s not true, I don’t. In fact at the moment I’m lucky to make back the money I spend buying my books to sell but whilst one day I would like it to be the thing that makes my family comfortable I am doing it to keep me sane, the characters just don’t shhh it sometimes. At the moment I am trying hard to build up my author platform, gain solid readership and promote my work like there is no tomorrow.

The main thing I have learned during my writing journey is… It takes time and patience really is a virtue…

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