New LUSH Jelly Face Mask Review

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Hello friends!

Today I’m bringing you my review of LUSH’s new jelly face masks!

First of all, how about a little LUSH back story…

So LUSH started back in 1995 and are now one of the leading cosmetic companies out there! They pride themselves on the fact that they do not test on animals or buy from suppliers which test on animals, making them a popular choice. They use a multitude of fresh, natural ingredients to make beautiful products for both face and body.

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What Came Before…

So lets talk about face masks! About a week ago I wondered into my local LUSH store and noticed a range of new face masks. If you know LUSH products, you’ll probably know they already had a range of face masks out.

The old masks were ‘fresh’ meaning they needed to be kept in the fridge. This had pro’s and con’s. It was nice because they were cooling on the skin when you first put them on and smelt so good, however, personally I would often put them in the fridge and forget about them! Along with this the fresh masks had a relatively short shelf-life, and not wanting to use it every day, mine would tend to go out of date before I had used it all.

Saying this, I did, and still do, love the fresh masks. ‘Cupcake’ will always be one of the nicest smells you can put on your face and ‘Cosmetic Warrior’, with its fresh garlic, really feels like its cleansing and clearing the skin. But, it’s always nice to try something new!

Are You Ready for This Jelly? I Think So…

Then came the jelly masks!


So I guess the main difference with these masks is that they are jelly! When me and my mum went into our LUSH store a very kind girl tested every one on the backs of our hands and explained them. Similarly to the fresh masks, you just grab a little section of the jelly and start smoothing it onto your face. The jelly starts to melt into more of a creamy texture and although you may be sceptical at first, they smooth on rather nicely. Obviously, as we found out in trying them, some are different consistencies to others, simply due to the beautiful ingredients they include. If texture and consistency is a make or break for you, I would recommend going into store and trying them before purchasing.

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Another highlight of these masks is that they have a four-month shelf life and do not have to be kept in the fridge! This is certainly a huge help to miss forgetful over here!

Price Tag?

Now, most people are aware that LUSH is certainly not a ‘cheap’ store. However, I believe for the products they produce and the ingredients and ethics they have the price is more than valid. In terms of the face masks, the old, ‘fresh masks’ are £7.25 for 75g and the jelly masks are £6.95 each. I think that you get more product in the fresh mask pots, but I don’t think you need to use as much of the jelly mask, making them longer lasting. I guess it really depends on how much product you like to use and how often.

Bunny Moon!

The mask I decided to try first was ‘Bunny Moon’. ‘Bunny Moon’ is a deeply moisturising mask which includes calming ingredients such as Chamomile and Marigold, moisturising and antiseptic honey and balancing and restorative Rose oil. In my opinion, this was one that went on my skin really well; it melts and smooths on nicely and feels very soothing. I have used it numerous times since I’ve had it and have hardly used any. I love the soothing, calming feeling and scent. Because of this, I like to use it after I have exfoliated to rehydrate and calm my skin. In just the few times I’ve used it I’ve noticed a more hydrated look to my skin, particularly the dry patches I suffer from.

Bunny Moon, LUSH, face mask, jelly, chamomile, calming, soothing, moisturising,

So ultimately, I am really enjoying these new face masks from LUSH. They all have their different ingredients for different skin types and none of them feel harsh on your skin. I think these jelly masks will be popular with those who disliked the short shelf life of the fresh masks. Plus, you can keep these anywhere, not just in the fridge!

Let me know if you have tried the new LUSH jelly masks! Are you loving them? Or hating them? Which one is your favourite?!

Check them out HERE

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