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Mothers in Literature (Mothers day special)

Hi Friends!

First of all, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Due to today being a homage to all those mothers out there I thought I nice post idea would be to discuss some of the mothers in literature I have come across! I bet you’ll be seeing your own mother in a much better light after this!


First up we have the incorrigible Brenda Last of A Handful of Dust.Β Brenda begins an affair with the social parasite John Beaver Β simply out of boredom and hardly batters an eyelid when her only child, John Andrew is killed through being kicked by a horse. In fact she is more distraught at first as she thinks it is her lover who has died. Not exactly mother of the year, huh?


A brilliant book we studied last year was CoralineΒ Neil Gaiman. In Coraline we see Mel Jones, Coraline’s real mother who doesn’t seem to have time for Coraline, resulting in Coraline seeking fun and affection elsewhere. However Mel’s lack of mothering skills pale in significance with the Beldam or the ‘other mother’. At first the ‘other mother’ seems the much more attractive option, however soon enough the Beldam’s true nature is revealed and Coraline realises just how much she would miss her parents if she lost them.








Gertrude is a fascinating character in the form of Hamlet’s mother. Gertrude has much uncertainty surrounding her, for example we never really know whether she’s involved with the murder of her husband, or whether she was involved with Claudius beforehand. However, I think she is an underrated character, I think she gets a lot of stick but overall she is just trying to do her duty and what is right for her son.


A fantastic mum I think we call all agree is the lovely, kind and warm Mrs Weasley of the famous Potter novels. Always concerned, always welcoming and always the steady rock at the foundation of the Weasley clan.

So there you have selection of mums in literature, some bad, some good, some ugly. πŸ˜‰

Hope everyone has had a lovely day!

Peace & Love

Lucy xxx