Life Update: Back in Briz

Hello friends!

I know, I know, it’s been awhile. Yeah, about that…

So basically four weeks ago I embarked on my last year at uni (SCARY OR WHAT?!) and that is why I have been unfortunately neglecting my blog a little. However, I am finally settling back into a warped kind of schedule and am desperate to get back to blogging!

What am I up too?

So for this first post back, I thought I would just update you on my recent activities and the like! As you may or may not know I am at uni and as this is my last year I am currently planning my dissertation! It’s an incredibly daunting concept and one that has kept me crazy busy from day one as well as trying to keep up with my other modules!

Alongside my dissertation I am taking three modules, Children’s Literature, Gothic Literature and Fiction in Britain since 1970 which I am really enjoying too! They are pretty diverse and certainly keep me on my toes.

I am also now looking forward to life after uni, which is both a scary and exciting concept. I am undecided what I want to do, whether that be a postgraduate course or something like a graduate scheme. However, I am determined to embrace whatever challenges come my way in whatever I decide to do!

I went to a poetry evening a couple of weeks ago and it reignited a lost love of expression through words. Last year we spent so much time studying classic poetry on my Romanticism module that I forgot that poetry can be modern. I laughed and almost cried that evening and it really inspired me to get back into putting my pain down on paper. I am looking forward to trying this out over the next few months and perhaps I will let you guys read some!

Blogging Plans…

I am currently compiling a list of blog posts I want to write and am trying to dedicate time to do this within my hectic schedule! There’s so much I want this blog to be and I am excited to (try!) and get it there!

In the meantime, please comment on any topics you would like me to discuss, and I thoroughly welcome constructive criticism about my blog in general!

Speak soon!

Lucy xxx