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How to Keep Anxiety Free During Assignments!

Hello friends!

So its the beginning of March and I have three assignments this month, which means I am extremely busy and quite stressed at times!

So how do I keep myself from having a mental breakdowns every hour? Well for this ‘learn something new Monday’ I’m going to share my tips for keeping a level head when you are swamped with work!

Some of these you will obviously be aware of, but we all need to be reminded to take a break now and then!


Have these on tap! I love lemon green tea and it has got me through many study sessions, green tea and bananas! Bananas are great to keep that energy going, but I’m not going to lie, some sweets are never turned away either!


So this one seems obvious but the amount of time I’ve thought ‘oh I can just do that whilst watching TV, or watching netflix’, its NOT TRUE! If you want to do quality work, you need peace and quiet.


I said you need peace and quiet, however finding your best working space for you is key. Some people like low level noise, it helps concentration. I personally actually quite like listening to opera or classical music when I’m writing an essay, it seems to get me in the mood! Also for English lit I have to do a LOT of reading, and reading in bed is not always a bad idea…


Another perhaps obvious one but still needed. If you dedicate time to work, you also need to dedicate time for a break, whether thats just simple sitting and doing nothing for twenty minutes or going out with friends. Getting the balance right is always hard but go with what your body and mind are telling you they need.


Following on from my last point, when you do take breaks, especially when you finish for the day, allow your mind to completely shut off from work. Forget it for half an hour, an hour, a day, just put it in a box and let you brain have a rest for awhile. Theres nothing worse than having a break just be thinking about your assignment the whole time.

And there you go! 5 tips for kicking stresses butt! I hope these help you and let me know in the comments what helps you relax!

Peace & Love ✌️


  • Zack

    March 11, 2017

    I have always found exercise as a great way to reduce anxiety, especially swimming.

    • LucyJayne995

      March 11, 2017

      That is a good one! Forgot about that! Love a good gym sesh to get the endorphins going! Thank you for your comment x

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