For When it all Get’s a Bit too Much…

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Hello Friends!

So today I thought I would share my personal tips on how to cope with those overwhelming or stressful days. We all have them, those days when we want to do anything but face the world. When we would much rather shut the door and be by ourselves than have to deal with, other people’s, as well as our own problems. However, we don’t always have that choice, whether it’s our job or we just have errands to run. As a retail worker, you can be shown the best and worst of people. Some people clearly just want an argument, whereas some as so easy and lovely!

Whatever the day has consisted of, when we come home we sometimes just want to take a little time to ourselves. For me this particularly comes with my anxiety, I need time by myself to recharge and just chill out. Therefore, I have rounded up some top tips as well as some favourite products that help me relax and recharge after a stressful day!

The Scent of Home

First of all, I love a good comforting scent. Whether that’s a scented candle, diffuser,  incense or plug in air freshener, I just really like having a nice smelling room to come back to. It creates a calming atmosphere and if you use the same one a lot, you come to associate that scent with safety and home. If you do struggle with stress or anxiety try choosing relaxing, mentally restorative scents such as lemon, lavender or jasmine.

I am currently loving this reed diffuser by Dí Palomo, which is White Grape with Aloe. The combination of these two scents creates a lovely, soothing, fresh smell that really brightens a room. It’s a light scent which means it’s not overpowering or invasive, but still makes an impact on a room. They also do other products with both the same and different scents! So certainly check them out!


Another major accessory for a cosy half an hour is a soft and warm blanket or throw! Cosying up on the sofa or your bed with a beautiful blanket is like getting a hug from a friend. A good blanket for me is one that is big enough, soft and cute! If it compliments the room as well as your mood, bonus! I particularly like the ones they get in Homesense, but you can find them in most places that have a ‘home’ department. I have linked a few below that are adorable!


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And Breathe in…and out…

Meditation and Mindfulness have kind of been a big thing lately. They’ve been mentioned a lot in terms of work/school/uni stresses and anxiety and a lot of people claim to have benefited highly from them. I am one of these people. Last year at uni I enrolled on a mindfuless course and it was amazing. It definitely makes a difference being a room with other people who are all there for the same reason, but it can be just effective at home. There are literally hundreds of books, apps, and more out there to teach you and give you tips on how to be more present in the moment.

A few of my favorites include a book by Corinne Sweet called ‘The Mindfulness Journal’. I love this book because it mixes inspirational quotes with helpful, practical exercises that can be practiced and applied immediately. She splits up the pages nicely, and everything is spaced out so it doesn’t feel like you are being overwhelmed with text. Each double page has a reason you might be anxious or a way to combat this in your everyday life. For example, the image below shows a page titled ‘A Long Day at Work’. So if you’re having a tough day at work, you can read this page, take on the advice and hopefully feel much better!


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Old School or New School?

For those who prefer technology over a book, my other favorite Mindfulness resource is ‘Headspace’, an app for your phone. Headspace is really popular and has been featured many times in a number of countries, and to be fair it is a really good app. It has a few different ‘packs’ including the ‘basics’, as well as some ‘mini’s’ around 2-3 mins long for when you are on a tight schedule. Particularly with the ‘basics’ pack, you are talked through 10 days of mindfulness practice, so it really is like attending a class. This is good because it motivates you not to miss a day, and unlike a book, you are not having to read and then put that into practice; you listen along and practice at the same time.

However, this doesn’t all come free. You get the ten days ‘Basics’ pack free to try and then after that you have to subscribe to unlock the rest of the content. You can choose either to pay monthly at £9.99 a month, yearly at £6.25 a month or a one time, forever subscription of £399.99. It does feel pricey, as an average book costs about the same as a month of subscription. However, you are getting over 550 hours of original content that you can tailor to your exact needs. They do packs and singles about everything from anxiety and stress, to happiness and helping you to sleep better.

Below you can get a feel of the app courtesy of some screen grabs from Headspace themselves.

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A Hug in a Mug…

Finally, the last thing I need when I want some time to myself to relax is a cup of warming tea! I have probably mentioned before I don’t like regular tea, but I LOVE lemon green tea. Having a cup of tea is a great excuse to just sit for 5 minutes and just enjoy your drink. Even the process of making a cup of tea is calming and just makes you stop and slow down for a minute. The brand doesn’t matter too much to me but now and then I do like to treat myself to a much ‘luxury’ brand, but day-to-day Twinings or Clipper is just as good. As a bonus, green tea has many benefits for your body too including being a great antioxidant.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, loose leaf tea is also a good option. Just make sure you have some sort of infuser or strainer like these super cute ones! I have the little man one and it’s so sweet!

And there you have it! My top tips and products for creating a cosy space to unwind and reflect. Creating an area that you can have a restorative ten minutes is really important to maintain emotional and mental health and wellbeing. You can take everything from this post, or just parts of it. If Mindfulness isn’t your thing, don’t force it, just find something else that works for you.

If you simply fancy curling up with a good book, go for it! Why not check out Evelyn Waugh’s A Handful of Dust, I wrote a review on it HERE.

Leave a comment below on what you do to unwind and relax after a long day!

Peace & Love ✌️

Lucy xxx



  • Shameez Patel

    August 19, 2017

    I definitely need to do some of these. I try, and usually I do well for two or three weeks and then suddenly I notice weeks have gone by and I haven’t meditated or anything.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m going to get some candles and other scents.

    • LucyJayne995

      August 19, 2017

      I’m completely the same! I stick to it for a week or so and then start to lapse! Thank you! x

  • Ngumabi

    August 19, 2017

    I love these tips
    A nicely smelling home is very relaxing

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