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December Favourites!

Hi friends!

So finally have made it through to 2018! I hope you all had a fabulous New Year and are excited for what 2018 has in store! I’m both nervous and excited for my 2018 as it will see me graduating and stepping out into the wide world!

For now though I have my December Favourites to share with you, so here are some things I was loving in the month of December!

First thing I was loving was the British TV show Plebs which is currently on Netflix. I’d seen it advertised on tv a while ago but never watched and thought I would give it a go. Well as usual, I fell in love with it and binge watched it, some episodes multiple times!

If you don’t know it, I would likened it to the Inbetweeners but set in Ancient Rome! It stars Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson and Noel Fry and it is hilarious! If you are a loose end with what to watch, give it a go!

Credit: Hulu


So we’ve got something to watch, now a snack to nibble on? Another thing I’ve been loving recently are mini macaroons, specifically these one’s from Aldi!


Metallic and full of different flavoured ganache, these were, as you can see, a definite favourite! I’m not sure if these were just a Christmas thing but I would go back for these as a little treat! On a little side note, if you fancy a healthier snack, I’ve also been loving Oranges recently! Don’t ask me why!


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Now, obviously as it is Winter, it’s been rather cold lately, so I have been using my hot water bottle a lot! Mine is not that fancy, but I see this one in Oliver Bonas that I am in LOVE with and they even do a matching eye mask!

Hot water bottle, cute, style, Oliver Bonas, winter, warm
Credit: Oliver Bonas


At Β£24 it may seem a little pricey for a hot water bottle, but it certainly stylish and the velvet cover makes it ultra luxe! It would also make a beautiful gift! Check it out here!

Along the style line I have also been loving Elegant Touch glue on nails! Over the Christmas period I didn’t really want to be painting my nails every five seconds as they chipped so I decided to try glue on nails for a change. They are not something I would use all the time because they can damage your nails and I found that sometimes they were a little tricky to put on, but I really enjoyed them when I get them right!

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Onto makeup! So the two makeup items I was, and still am, loving are the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation and the L’ OrΓ©al Paris Paradise Pomade.

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Both of these have been brilliant over the Christmas period! The eyebrow pomade especially I am loving, it has really raised my eyebrow game! The foundation is long lasting as it claims and is good coverage. I’ve had no problems with either! Would highly recommend! Here are a couple of pic’s of me wearing both…

Granted, you can’t see my eyebrows brilliantly in either image, but trust me, it fills them in beautifully!
And that’s it for me! Leave a comment below of what you were loving in the month of December and I’ll speak to you next week!
Lucy xxx
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