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Life Update: Back in Briz

Hello friends!

I know, I know, it’s been awhile. Yeah, about that…

So basically four weeks ago I embarked on my last year at uni (SCARY OR WHAT?!) and that is why I have been unfortunately neglecting my blog a little. However, I am finally settling back into a warped kind of schedule and am desperate to get back to blogging!

What am I up too?

So for this first post back, I thought I would just update you on my recent activities and the like! As you may or may not know I am at uni and as this is my last year I am currently planning my dissertation! It’s an incredibly daunting concept and one that has kept me crazy busy from day one as well as trying to keep up with my other modules!

Alongside my dissertation I am taking three modules, Children’s Literature, Gothic Literature and Fiction in Britain since 1970 which I am really enjoying too! They are pretty diverse and certainly keep me on my toes.

I am also now looking forward to life after uni, which is both a scary and exciting concept. I am undecided what I want to do, whether that be a postgraduate course or something like a graduate scheme. However, I am determined to embrace whatever challenges come my way in whatever I decide to do!

I went to a poetry evening a couple of weeks ago and it reignited a lost love of expression through words. Last year we spent so much time studying classic poetry on my Romanticism module that I forgot that poetry can be modern. I laughed and almost cried that evening and it really inspired me to get back into putting my pain down on paper. I am looking forward to trying this out over the next few months and perhaps I will let you guys read some!

Blogging Plans…

I am currently compiling a list of blog posts I want to write and am trying to dedicate time to do this within my hectic schedule! There’s so much I want this blog to be and I am excited to (try!) and get it there!

In the meantime, please comment on any topics you would like me to discuss, and I thoroughly welcome constructive criticism about my blog in general!

Speak soon!

Lucy xxx

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June Favourites! Makeup, Style & More!

Hi Friends!

So as I write this it is the 1st of July so I thought I would post what I’ve been loving in the month of June!

I’m going to list five things and explain why I’ve been loving them this month.

So the month of June for me was officially the first month of my summer holidays! I finished my exams on the 18th of May and from then on I’ve been moving out of my uni house, starting a new job and I’ve been on holiday! I’ve got a mix of beauty, clothes and other items for you today, so lets get started!

Conceal and Contour…

My first two products are both makeup and both from Benefit. One is a contour product I’ve been using for a little while but only in tester form. The other is a new version of a concealer. The contour product is called Dew the Hoola Liquid Bronzer and is described as a ‘soft-matte liquid bronzer for face’.

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Bonjour les amis! Parlons famille et amour…

holiday, summer, south of France, Sainte Maxime, beautiful, sunset, warm, sunny, boats, sea,

Hello friends!

Did someone say summer?! Or was it HOLIDAY!!…

So I have been on holiday! Me, my mum and my dad have just got back from our well-known friend, the south of France. This time we stayed in a beautiful villa in the stunning coastal town of Sainte Maxime. We only visited last year but instantly fell in love and knew we wanted to come back, so that’s what we did! The little commune of Sainte Maxime is right on the coast of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. It has a sweet little ‘old town’ which has many bars and restaurants as well as some great boutiques! It was beautifully warm the entire week, which was really nice as we had a pool at the villa which was certainly well used!

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Work, Family & Moving On!

Hello friends!

So once again I find myself explaining why it’s been so long since my last blog post, and once again it is basically because I’ve been crazy busy! You’d think that now I’ve finished uni and have the summer to myself that I’d have all the time in the world, however, this is unfortunately not true! Over the last couple of weeks, I have started a new job, been away visiting family and been moving out of my uni house!

New Job!

So last week I started a new job which involves all the lovely new job stuff. I also had to go up to Bristol for a course which was actually really quite fun! The week I started I had two shifts, then the course and then the following day we were going up to Lancashire to visit my gran, so it was a very busy week! However, I am really enjoying my new job. It is only temporary at the moment for over summer, but this is great as I will be back at uni in September! It’s very different from my last job but definitely in a good way! I have two more shifts this week and hopefully, they will be good!

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Review: Grammarly – Grammar & Plagiarism Checker

Hello Friends!

Today I’m bringing you something a little different, my review of Grammarly!

 What is Grammarly and why do I Need it?

Grammarly is a fantastic grammar, plagiarism and proof-reading service. As a student, this is a LIFESAVER. Writing numerous essays for uni, I have discovered I get the same feedback across most of my modules. Most of my modules tell me if I improved on my Grammar, wordiness, and clarity I could move my marks up significantly. Easier said than done right?

However, that’s when I came across Grammarly. To be completely honest I was as skeptical as the next person at first, but once you try it, you slowly realise how great it is.

At it’s simplest, you can import chunks of text, whole essay’s if you want, into Grammarly and it will highlight your grammar mistakes, as well as odd word pairings and wordiness! However, there is MUCH more than this…

Grammarly will also check your work for plagiarism, and you can have someone proof-read your work!

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Beauty Review: MAC’S Next To Nothing Face Colour & Evening Buzz Lipstick

Hello Friends!

So today I am reviewing two key key beauty items, a MAC lipstick and their new Next to Nothing Face Colour!

I LOVE MAC lipsticks and already own Hue and Velvet Teddy, both stunning, but rather neutral toned. Thus, I was looking for something with a bit more wow factor.

Purple Toned Lipsticks? Trend or too much?

I feel like purple toned lipstick is very in right now, and I won’t deny I wanted to join the beauty trend! So I went ahead and ordered Evening Buzz. Evening Buzz is a beautiful muted lavender matt lipstick. Much like their other lipsticks it feels lovely on, lasts brilliantly and gets lots of compliments!

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Bobbl. UK Review – Coolest Bobble Hats Ever!

Bobbl, hat, cute, look book, lacoste trainers, blogger,

Hi friends!

So today I’m bringing you a review of a company who I literally adore! I received a product from this company as gift last Christmas and since then I have been obsessed with their products!

This company is Bobbl. Bobbl is a hat company who have a range of beanie’s, woolly hats, baseball caps and berets that all feature a small popper on the top so you can interchange the wide range of fun and colourful bobbles they stock for their hats!

Bobbl, hat, cute, look book, woolly hat, lacoste, trainers,

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Mothers in Literature (Mothers day special)

Hi Friends!

First of all, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Due to today being a homage to all those mothers out there I thought I nice post idea would be to discuss some of the mothers in literature I have come across! I bet you’ll be seeing your own mother in a much better light after this!


First up we have the incorrigible Brenda Last of A Handful of Dust. Brenda begins an affair with the social parasite John Beaver  simply out of boredom and hardly batters an eyelid when her only child, John Andrew is killed through being kicked by a horse. In fact she is more distraught at first as she thinks it is her lover who has died. Not exactly mother of the year, huh?

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5 Facts About Me!

cavalier king charles spaniel, cute, dog, love

Hello Friends!

So for this weeks Learn Something New Monday I thought you might like to find out a little bit more about me, seeing as my blog is so new!

So I thought I would share 5 interesting facts about me, here goes!

  1. My favourite animal are dogs, followed closely by horses. I had a beautiful, sweet King Charles Cavalier Spaniel called Rudie who my best friend for eight wonderful years. Unfortunately he passed away last year and my life has certainly not been the same since.
Rude age 1 <3

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The Afternoon Tea Critics Strike Again…

Hello friends!

So Saturday means a lifestyle post and this specific Saturday my mum treated to me to afternoon tea as its been a bit of a tough couple of weeks for me at uni.

We have been for a couple of afternoon teas and have started rating them, which is always fun. This week we visited Monks Yard in Ilminster. It is as it sounds, set in a number of barns which is really cute, two are conference rooms and another is the tea rooms. When we went there was a baby shower in one and a meeting in the other. Its not fair away either which makes it a nice run out that doesn’t take up the whole day.

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