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December Favourites!

Hi friends!

So finally have made it through to 2018! I hope you all had a fabulous New Year and are excited for what 2018 has in store! I’m both nervous and excited for my 2018 as it will see me graduating and stepping out into the wide world!

For now though I have my December Favourites to share with you, so here are some things I was loving in the month of December!

First thing I was loving was the British TV show Plebs which is currently on Netflix. I’d seen it advertised on tv a while ago but never watched and thought I would give it a go. Well as usual, I fell in love with it and binge watched it, some episodes multiple times!

If you don’t know it, I would likened it to the Inbetweeners but set in Ancient Rome! It stars Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson and Noel Fry and it is hilarious! If you are a loose end with what to watch, give it a go!

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New LUSH Jelly Face Mask Review

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Hello friends!

Today I’m bringing you my review of LUSH’s new jelly face masks!

First of all, how about a little LUSH back story…

So LUSH started back in 1995 and are now one of the leading cosmetic companies out there! They pride themselves on the fact that they do not test on animals or buy from suppliers which test on animals, making them a popular choice. They use a multitude of fresh, natural ingredients to make beautiful products for both face and body.

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Sensational SensatioNail Home Gel Nails

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Hello Friends!

Today I want to bring you something really exciting and something that I’ve been absolutely LOVING recently. It all started with a trip to get my nails done which went disastrously wrong. It ended in two hours in a salon, my cuticle bleeding and my fingers sore. From then on I decided to invest in my own kit and start doing my own nails!

Where to Start? SENSATIONAIL!

There are many different companies out their of course that offer home gel nail kits. I wanted something of good quality and that I could get a salon looking finish for not an extravagant amount of money. Of course I hit google and did a little research into which companies had good reviews and a were a decent price. I did a little looking around and finally decided on SensatioNail! initially attracting me to SensatioNail was the multiple good reviews and the price, £50 for one of their starter kits. This includes everything you need to get started including the lamp, base/top coat, gel primer and gel cleanser and more.

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June Favourites! Makeup, Style & More!

Hi Friends!

So as I write this it is the 1st of July so I thought I would post what I’ve been loving in the month of June!

I’m going to list five things and explain why I’ve been loving them this month.

So the month of June for me was officially the first month of my summer holidays! I finished my exams on the 18th of May and from then on I’ve been moving out of my uni house, starting a new job and I’ve been on holiday! I’ve got a mix of beauty, clothes and other items for you today, so lets get started!

Conceal and Contour…

My first two products are both makeup and both from Benefit. One is a contour product I’ve been using for a little while but only in tester form. The other is a new version of a concealer. The contour product is called Dew the Hoola Liquid Bronzer and is described as a ‘soft-matte liquid bronzer for face’.

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Beauty Review: MAC’S Next To Nothing Face Colour & Evening Buzz Lipstick

Hello Friends!

So today I am reviewing two key key beauty items, a MAC lipstick and their new Next to Nothing Face Colour!

I LOVE MAC lipsticks and already own Hue and Velvet Teddy, both stunning, but rather neutral toned. Thus, I was looking for something with a bit more wow factor.

Purple Toned Lipsticks? Trend or too much?

I feel like purple toned lipstick is very in right now, and I won’t deny I wanted to join the beauty trend! So I went ahead and ordered Evening Buzz. Evening Buzz is a beautiful muted lavender matt lipstick. Much like their other lipsticks it feels lovely on, lasts brilliantly and gets lots of compliments!

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