Book Review Wednesday: Oliver Twist

Hello Friends!

This week for Book Review Wednesday I am focusing on a classic, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Oliver Twist is one of those books that will probably have cropped up in your life in one or another, it’s basically everywhere! And for good reason!

Who? What? Why?

So as you would imagine the novel centres around a young boy called Oliver Twist. Set in the 1830’s little Oliver grows up in an orphanage and a number of things happen leading him to run away to the big smoke, London. Here he gets in with a rather unsavory crowd whilst slowly the truth behind his parentage is revealed. Oliver Twist has so many elements to it, from class conflict to feminism, urban life versus country life and even religious and political connotations.

As well as its plot elements, its characters also have depth and complexity. Debatably the flimsiest character is probably our protagonist, Oliver. Fagin, Nancy, Sikes and Dodger all seem to have interesting attributes and real human elements we can sympathise with, or not as the case may be.

Why Should I Read it?

Apart from all the reasons above, this book is was an insight into the lives of the lower class in the 1800’s, it was deeply influential and it is a thoroughly interesting read. It deals with abandonment, love, abuse, poverty, child labour, redemption, the death penalty and much, much more! It certainly deserves to be on your reading bucket list!

It’s a good length novel, not too long but I feel parts can certainly drag a little, depending on what you enjoy reading. I think you could easily read it in a week though. I had to read it to a deadline and I still thoroughly enjoyed it! Out of all the Dicken’s novels I would say this one is enjoyed more by younger readers, so definitely check it out!

Ready to Read?

So are you ready to travel back in time and join Fagin and his crew? I hope so! I’ve linked it below so you can go take a look for yourself! Enjoy!

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