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Bonjour les amis! Parlons famille et amour…

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Hello friends!

Did someone say summer?! Or was it HOLIDAY!!…

So I have been on holiday! Me, my mum and my dad have just got back from our well-known friend, the south of France. This time we stayed in a beautiful villa in the stunning coastal town of Sainte Maxime. We only visited last year but instantly fell in love and knew we wanted to come back, so that’s what we did! The little commune of Sainte Maxime is right on the coast of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. It has a sweet little ‘old town’ which has many bars and restaurants as well as some great boutiques! It was beautifully warm the entire week, which was really nice as we had a pool at the villa which was certainly well used!

holiday, south of France, Sainte Maxime, style, lifestyle, love, family, fun, sunshine

We had days out to our favourite places such Cannes and Monaco, sidling along with the rich and famous,  but a lot of time we just chilled in Sainte Maxime and around the AMAZING pool. My mum and I managed to get in a little retail therapy, which wasn’t easy in the thirty degree plus heat! I am going to be writing a separate holiday haul post about all the things I bought, so don’t worry about that!

Me and my dad also took a trip down the road to Fréjus to hunt down some of their Roman ruins. To think how long these structures have been standing is incredible! Also it’s strange to think what they were like back then!

Enjoy the little things…

It was a really nice week away to enjoy the sun and some proper, quality family time. You don’t really realise how much you are constantly thinking about, until you removed from that environment. You certainly get to enjoy the little things a bit more and with nothing that ‘you have to do’, you start to realise what is really important in life. Namely, family, enjoying each day and not letting things that may seem important, but probably aren’t, overly stress you out. Something that I do way too often, but I’m working on it.

I had moments of anxiety whilst we were away, mostly in the airport or on the plane, but I realised that as long as I was with my family and I was healthy, things really couldn’t be that bad.

holiday, fun, sun, south of France, Cannes, style, lifestyle,love, family, peace

Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity…

And then all of a sudden we were back in the UK. This means the dreaded unpacking and basic readjustment to normal life. As we grow older we pick up new responsibilities and lets just say, I’m definitely feeling that at the moment! However, this is just part of life and is nothing new to humanity, so who am I to complain?

However, I am glad to be back in my own super comfy bed and especially looking forward to getting back to blogging! I have a lot of fun posts planned which I’m incredibly excited about letting you all read!

I hope you are all well and busy having a fabulous summer!

Peace & Love ✌️

Lucy xxx