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Bobbl. UK Review – Coolest Bobble Hats Ever!

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Hi friends!

So today I’m bringing you a review of a company who I literally adore! I received a product from this company as gift last Christmas and since then I have been obsessed with their products!

This company is Bobbl. Bobbl is a hat company who have a range of beanie’s, woolly hats, baseball caps and berets that all feature a small popper on the top so you can interchange the wide range of fun and colourful bobbles they stock for their hats!

Bobbl, hat, cute, look book, woolly hat, lacoste, trainers,

They also have some sweet key rings to jazz up your keys or bag!

Credit to Bobbl UK

I now own one hat and three different bobbles, all from the ‘big bobbl’ range which are 100% real fur and 100% gorgeous! I have the grey classic hat and then the dusky blue, hot pink and orange bobbl’s, however as you’ll see in these pic’s I have miss placed the hot pink bobble, so will have to find that!

They also have faux fur bobbles, woolly bobbles and mini bobbles, so really have something for everyone! They also have an assortment of hat colours so there really are endless combinations!

Although they may seem pricey at £50 just for the hat and then extra depending on which bobble you choose, these hats are pure quality! The real fur bobbles look so cute and I have countless compliments on it! They are fun and make the nicest giftsBobbl, hat, cute, look book, lacoste trainers, blogger,

I really want on of the beanie hats they do which I’m not sure if they are discontinuing as they are in the sale currently and do not have their own page on the website, so grab them quick!

I know here in the UK we are approaching the warmer months but there are still plenty of days to wear these cute hats, the berets are the perfect accessory for spring and I wear my hat as a fashion accessory as well as to cover up that 3 day unwashed hair!!

Bobbl, hat, cute, look book, lacoste trainers, blogger,


So go check them out right now! You can find them online at here and also follow their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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