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Beauty Review: MAC’S Next To Nothing Face Colour & Evening Buzz Lipstick

Hello Friends!

So today I am reviewing two key key beauty items, aΒ MAC lipstick and their new Next to Nothing Face Colour!

I LOVE MAC lipsticks and already own Hue and Velvet Teddy, both stunning, but rather neutral toned. Thus, I was looking for something with a bit more wow factor.

Purple Toned Lipsticks? Trend or too much?

I feel like purple toned lipstick is very in right now, and I won’t deny I wanted to join the beauty trend! So I went ahead and ordered Evening Buzz. Evening Buzz is a beautiful muted lavender matt lipstick. Much like their other lipsticks it feels lovely on, lasts brilliantly and gets lots of compliments!

Makeup, MAC, Next To Nothing Face Colour, Lipstick, Evening Buzz

New Foundation – Worth the money?

Before I reveal the look I created around this lipstick, I also picked up MAC’S new Next to Nothing Face Colour in Light Plus! This new face product had a lot to live up to with it claiming ‘instagram-ready’ results! However, for the look I created here, I used it in combination with another MAC product, the Face and Body Foundation. This created the fuller coverage look that I wanted here, although another day I used it on its own as I wanted a more natural look and it worked wonderfully for that!

makeup, beauty, MAC, Evening Buzz, Lipstick, Next To Nothing Face Colour,

When I wore it on its own, it sank it really nicely, gave a good amount of coverage without feeling cakey and did actually give my skin a reasonable glow!

Of course, for those that know MAC, it is a little pricey for beauty products. The lipsticks are certainly worth it! The Face Colour, I need to use more of to decide where I stand on it! It definitely delivers on a nice natural glow, however for the price, I’m not sure it lives up to expectations.

Beauty, makeup, MAC, Evening Buzz, Lipstick, Next To Nothing Face Colour

Beauty, Makeup, MAC, Lipstick, Evening Buzz, Next To Nothing Face Colour


If you want to check out these products for yourself, you can find the Next to Nothing Face Colour HERE. and the lipstick HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please let me know if you have tried either product, what you thought and would you buy again!

Peace & Love

Lucy xxx