Hi Friends!

Welcome to Lucy Jayne Mannion. I am 21 years young and am currently studying English!

Ever since I was little I was into writing. My imagination ran wild and I was as comfortable, more so even, playing by myself just using my imagination. As I grew up I developed this in primary school entering competitions and excelling in English generally. I loved creating something that could be read and interpreted in your own way, making you laugh or cry just with words. My love of writing and English carried on through secondary and college, but as with many things, it got lost in the confusing, battlefield of my teenage years.

It wasn’t really until university when I decided to study English full time that I became serious about my writing. I dream, and still do, of walking into a bookshop and seeing my own novel on the shelf. I have a year of study left and then the world is my oyster! I currently have no idea what I want to do specifically but I know that I will always keep writing.

Thus, I decided to combine my other passions for all things life, style, fashion and beauty with my love of writing and start this blog! I blog about all these things as well as anything else that takes my fancy!

So join me on my journey, my uni journey, my writing journey and my life journey, here on Lucy Jayne Online!

Peace & Love ✌️

Lucy xxx